Mobile Hot Basket Dispenser



Body: Stainless steel construction,
Model (MFS-24-M).‎
Cylinder: Stainless steel, equipped with eight
(8) heavy ‎duty thermal resistance steel springs.
Capacity six (6) Baskets.‎
Electric source: 220V/1Ph/50HZ‎.
Heaters: Heavy duty, statically Heatable,
1000 watt.
Control: Temperature can be regulate (+30:+80°‎C).
Mobile: on four (4) rubber casters diameter
(5 inch) with ‎protective rubber bumpers,
Baskets: steel grade Constriction,
Dimension (520‎‏×‏‎520‎‏×‏‎ ‎‎100mm)‎
Available up-on request: steel grade Constriction baskets ‎dimension (520‎‏×‏‎520‎‏×‏‎ 100mm)‎.