Hot Bain Marie cabinet



Body: Stainless steel construction, thermal insulation, Top ‎stainless steel (304) (1.5mm) thickness, bowl stainless steel ‎‎(304) (1.25mm) thickness, cabinet with siding doors, with ‎separate thermostatically controlled (+30:+80°C) for ‎Model, (MFS-04-120),
(MFS-04-150), (MFS-04-180), Bowl equipped with (1inch), drain valve at bottom,
bowl ‎thermostatically controlled (+30:+110°C).
heater ‎immersed in bowl, (water type), equipped with perforated ‎CNC stainless steel sheet cover the heaters.‎
Legs: Stainless steel legs 40‎‏×‏‎40 mm, with adjustable ‎leveling feets.‎
Electric source: 380V/3Ph/50HZ‎.
Available up-on request: Gastronome G/N, Pick-up heated ‎over shelf, pick-up heated over shelf with sneeze glass, water supply (1/2inch) throw tap fixed on top‎.