Unified hospital Meals Distribution Trolley



Design: This trolley design to compliant with HACCP & ‎Hygienic codes of practice to serving the meals at right hot ‎& cold temperature
in one tray.
Body: Heavy duty, Stainless steel (304) construction, from ‎interior and exterior with foam polyurethane, insulation, ‎‎(40 kg/m3) density, (40mm) thickness.‎
Equipped with wall divider separates the hot and the cold ‎chambers, the door open up-to (270°) for easy handling the ‎trays from both sides of the trolley‎.
Hot Chamber: Equipped with forced hot air, ‎thermostatically controlled over (70°C).‎
Cold Chamber: cold air, thermostatically controlled at (+5°‎C), Compressor 3/4H.P
Tray: special tray, one tray holding the cold
and hot meals, ‎dimensions (575‎‏×‏‎325 mm)‎
Mobile: the trolley on (4) rubber casters diameter (6inch) ‎two of them with brakes & trolley, equipped with protective ‎rubber bumpers‎.
Electric source: 220V/1Ph/50HZ‎.