Rotary Oven (R)‎ (venice – Rotor)




Body: Heavy duty steel construction, pre
assemplly, interior surface Stainless ‎steel cladding, steel rotating plat from diameter 1000mm, ‎
Exterior Stainless steel cladding at front, thermal paints ‎steel rest, thermal insulation all over the body for ‎minimum radiation to out-side the oven. ‎
Door: equipped with Heavy duty accessories
hinges and ‎door lock, with long thermal glass
window & heavy duty thermal gas Ket door
Electric source: For electric Rotary oven
Gas source: For Gas Rotary oven, Natural or LPG.‎
Steam system: Powerful self-generative system.‎
Air circulation: Adjustable air vents all over ‎
the chamber, for well balanced air flow.‎
Heating system: well balances all over the chamber.‎
Rotating: the trolley rotating on the floor plat form surface of the oven.‎
Control: Thermostatically controlled (100:350°C),
the ‎control panel equipped with high quality, heavy duty ‎eclectic accessories at low tension (24 volt)
with bakeing ‎timer & steam timer (0-24 hours)
(sec – min – hour).‎
For gas & oil oven equipped with automatic shut-off gas ‎valve, ignition spark & safety pilot. ‎
Capacity: One trolley 16 tray (600‎‏×‏‎800mm).‎

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