Drop-in cold Bain Marie‎



Bowl: Stainless steel (304) construction, top (1.5mm) ‎thickness, bowl (1.25mm) thickness, cooling pipe-work ‎from copper tubes, with insulation (40mm) thickness, ‎static cooling.‎
Electric source: 220V/1Ph/50HZ‎.
Refrigeration system: Air cooled compressor, Heavy duty, allowing ‎bowl temperature zero °C, thermostatically controlled, ‎refrigerant R404A with indication lamp & on/off switch‎.
Stand: painted steel stand with adjustable leveling feets, ‎height (900mm) other height available up-on request.
Buffet: By the owner and requested maintenance door & ‎proper ventilation to
the refrigeration unit.‎
Available up-on request: Gastronome G/N, neutral over ‎mounted shelf with sneeze glass & lighting.