Decorative BUFFETS Sneeze Glass – KING Model





Frame: Stainless steel construction, two posts ‎diameter 32 mm, height 500 mm & at fronts of posts ‎tube diameter 19 mm, C shape.‎
Glass: Securit glass, one (1), shelf width 280 mm, ‎Length as indicated in the table & Front, sneeze ‎glass width 220 mm, with length of
the shelf from one direction for single models & from two ‎directions for island Models.
Lighting: LED lighting With ON/OFF switch for ‎Neutral (N) Models, Electric Power 5 Watt/Per ‎Meter length.‎
Heating: Electric Heater, with ON/OFF switch for ‎Heated (H) Models, electric Power 1000 watt/Per meter length. ‎