Counter Display unit‎



Body: Stainless steel base, decorative reshow, front, rear, ‎sides and middle shelf from glass (8mm) thickness, with ‎slide glass doors at rear.‎
Electric source: 220V/1Ph/50HZ‎.
Lighting: LED lighting, 5 watt. ‎
Circulates air: forced circulated air inside
the chamber, ‎motor IP 45, 50 watt.‎
Heating system: thermostatically controlled, (30:80°C), ‎with ON/OFF switch and with forces hot air circulation, for ‎warming display case unit.
Refrigeration system: Air Cooled, refrigerator R404A, ‎Allowing in-side temperature (2:5°C) with ON / OFF ‎switch and with forced cold air circulation, for cooling ‎display case unit‎.